New with Rhino

Hello. I am new with Rhino and grasshopper. I started month ago. But till now I can’t do parametric buildings. All the tutorial about grasshopper. And I can’t build with Rhino to start with grasshopper. But with that I watch tutorial for both. Very difficult grasshopper what can I do to understand. I started from zero with videos. And how can I build with Rhino. Parametric or organic building . Not too much video for that. I get depressed with it. Is it that difficult or what can I do. To be one of this society for Rhino and grasshopper. Anyone can help or suggest something

Pick a project, a small project from your household and create it with Rhino (No Grasshopper!). First understand what Rhino does (and doesn’t do) then look into what Grasshopper can enhance.

Then do something more difficult.

And again and again.

Then try to make these objects parametric in Grasshopper or for starters start modifying the already created models.

Then after months/years you’ll be able to build the so called “organic building” you want.


Hi @ehabm340
If you haven’t already, take a look here. Plenty of material explaining Rhino from the very basics (which is required before tackling more advanced projects). Especially the level 1 manual has a lot of info on things that you might easily miss, if learning only from Youtube videos: All the little details in terms of interface, navigation, file handling, how to use the command prompt etc. - basically all the things that makes Rhino work.
HTH, Jakob