New python editor venv

Hi! Is it possible to use virtual environment with python in rhino8?

Not at the moment. The problem is that we are running in a Rhino process so can not load multiple python 3 versions. Supporting separate envs to install pip packages is also a little tricky. For example numpy uses c-libraries that when they are loaded, they can’t be unloaded. So you can’t really install a specific numpy version in one env and another version in another env and have them both successfully work inside Rhino.

I’m looking at options to improve this continously.

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sorry, my question is perhaps a little stupid, but is it possible to indicate at the start of a script to use this or that library folder?

The standard way is to add the path where your libraries are to sys.path
In the next build I have added something to make this simpler byt adding # env: path/to/env to the top of the script.

Are you both referring to python scripting in Rhino or also to the python components in Grasshopper?

@eirannejad is the next build a matter of days or weeks?
I’m asking because having cpython with conda envs in Grasshopper would be a gamechanger for our plugin project.

Another Beta was released yesterday

That’s what I seemed to have read… but I understood that it was rather complicated to set up, it seemed rather simple to me.