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I’m neurodiverse and a very intermediate Rhino user, all self taught (badly), but have started to use it recently for diagrams to represent ideas in my new pursuit of becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist. I have come up with a way of representing in 3D, various concepts that other academics and illustrators might find useful and am curious about working with someone who has the technical skills to produce my ‘Rondure’ design program.

It’s using a sphere (or other 3D shape) with multiple layers and facets that can be dissected and looked at. I have made a couple of initial representations I’ll share here to explain visually. I’m wondering if this can be done, if it’s already been done, if anyone would be able to assist with this and what the initial set up costs might be? I am hoping that it could be of use long term from an illustrative perspective in education.


What’s a ‘Rondure’ design program?

Looks like you already did it…

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That’s the name I have given to this idea ‘rondure’ and I have used rhino to build an image, in after a programmer to design specific software to make it easier to create such things. Perhaps this was not clear enough in my description?

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I surmise it’s a little more clear in that it seems you’ve done this a few times manually, but you’d like for it to be parametric (automatic), and possibly not constrained to just spherical geometry?

Yeah, I’ve only just managed, painstakingly, to create these two concepts in rhino. I’m looking for someone who can create a rhino version, like other programs that seem to work alongside rhino, that will very simply allow for any 3d shapes, with any amount of layers, facets and disected parts within the shape to be created.

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I believe Rhino ultimately is capable of anything. The problem is time.

Rhino, to my knowledge doesn’t have an easy way to create what appears to be the proverbial “exploded views” I see you’ve demonstrated. I know parametric solid modeling programs have that ability.

What I don’t know is if those other programs would be able to do it exactly how you’d like.

While, I think Rhino does have potential to create ‘layer states’ or something where your geometry can be positioned in different orientations, but I’m not certain it would be easy.

Of course as you’ve said, programming and maybe with the addition of Grasshopper or scripting, macros etc. then pretty much anything should be possible.

So, I’d approach this with following the principles of reducing what I think of as ‘degrees of freedom’, in other words answering precisely what you’re after.

I would suggest if you haven’t done it already, list all of your requisites that define your 3D space composition that controls your model per say.

Then from there find out if any real solutions already exist or maybe a programmer here can provide services – of course ultimately.

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Hi Ian,

This seems like a cool application of Rhino. Your diagrams remind me of graphics I have seen for Ken Wilber.

I think what you are describing is attainable with some grasshopper scripting. I am interested in helping build a script that can break a shape into “x” number of layers and then display those layers as exploded. I can try my hand and circle back with some results.

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Hi Ian. I can help. Message me on


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Hi Dylan,

Thank you for your reply. I look forward to seeing what you think can be done here. Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Ian Alexander Nicholson

Did you looked at Grasshopper?

I’ve never worked with Grasshopper. I’m looking for someone to do what I cannot, not for me to learn how.

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I’d be happy to help out, can u drop me you’re-mail to discuss the details? Or message at