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Creating Interfaces for Data Visualization with Human UI for Grasshopper
In this course, you´ll learn how to create interactive interfaces from your Grasshopper definitions with the Human UI plug-in, allowing you to display your information clearly and also enhance the participation of the design process with people that might not be familiar with parametric modeling techniques. Register here.

Anemone 101 - Using Loops in Grasshopper

Learn about the Anemone plug-in for Grasshopper, which enables you to create loops within Grasshopper definitions.

Besides the technical aspects of the plug-in of how to properly set up loops, this course will cover topics like object-oriented programming and understanding recursive behaviors. Several small case scenarios where implementing loops may become handy will be presented. Register here.

View Optimization Using Galapagos For Grasshopper

This course focuses on using the evolutionary solver Galapagos to optimize building shapes according to their views. It continues from the Galapagos 101 course to a more hands-on case study. By mastering Galapagos and understanding the power of an evolutionary solver, you can make smarter and better-informed decisions early in the design process. Register here.

Posted Sep 14, 2017 by Jody Mills on Rhino News, etc.

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Is there a mistake in the first link?

Doesn’t go to the correct course.

Yes, apologies for that. Here is the correct link: