New Mac setup suggestion

At present I’m using a 27" iMac mid2010 (yes eleven years old) with 12GB ram and Ati Radeon HD 5750 with only 1024 MB RAM.
Since I’m on High Sierra I’m using the legacy license for RH6 while owing the 7.

It’s time for me to renew my setup (apart Rhino and other CAD software, I do some video editing, illustration and phototouchin).
Since I’ve a purchase deadline fixed to 31st december 2021 and because of well known delays I have to start considering the new computer right now.

We have no clear infos about ARM Mac coming to replace the Intel 27". Will it be by the end of 2021 or as many says not before 2022 spring? Who knows!

So let’s stay on focus of Rhino for mac. Who has experience on both latest 27" imac (2020) and new M1 iMac can please make any suggestion.

Thx in advance

I don’t know about the M1 iMac, but on my M1 macbookpro Rhino works just fine. 13-inc, 2020 model.

Marco, I’m running Rhino 7 on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020) with the 10-Core Intel Core i9 at 3.6 GHz with 64 GB Ram, and the AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT with 16 GB. It rocks.

I’m also carrying a M1 Air with 16GB Ram. When the M1 Air first came out, a lot of Rhino didn’t work well - that has changed! I can now render in Rhino 7 on the Air! I sent a note to McNeel saying, “I know you say don’t do this, but, it’s working!” The reply was that Apple had been working with McNeel and they had really improved things under the hood.

Based on this, the M1 is a viable Rhino 7 machine, and since you are already in MacOS, you won’t miss Windows only plugins. Based on what I’ve read, I’d get the M1 MacMini if you need to move fast, and cheap, it will blow your socks off given your current machine. I expect the new “Power iMac” will be shipping by year end, but, who the hell knows?

So, I’m very happy with my fresh 2020 iMac - I’m also very happy with my fresh M1 Air. My thinking is I’m going to probably keep the Intel iMac for quite a while, if nothing else, it allows me to boot into Windows when necessary. That said, I’ll be first in line for a Apple Silicon iMac with a larger screen - rumors are a 32 inch screen is coming. Clearly, I’ll need a bigger desk…

hi guys, just bought a MacBook Pro14 M1Pro.
Well, I’m not so amazed by Rhino 7 performances (neither by RH8 wip). I would not say it’s a breeze. It’s almost performing like Rhino 6 on my very old mid 2010 iMac. If not worse.

Maybe we are not yet ready for RH+M1 combo. But If only could go back two days in the past I would buy an Intel Mac.
Let’s see how it improves.

Hi Marco
as someone who is planing to buy a new MBP … I’m curious if you have also tested after activating TestMetal in the V8 WIP?

thanks a lot

tried out TestMetal.
For about 4 to 5 seconds the display seemed ok, orbiting and pannig performed really fast, but suddenly it started flashing the viewport and then it turned black. Switching form one to four viewports did not help and so had to issue TestMetal again to turn it off.

Hi Marco -

I’m sure you’ll agree that it is extremely unlikely that Apple will revert to Intel any time soon. Investing in an Intel Mac, at this point in time, is going down a short road to obsolescence. We will continue improving the performance on Apple Silicone in the time to come.

I was just stressing out that apart future developing Rhino perspectives (for which we don’t have any sure ETA, havent’ we?) by my point of view if someone is in need of buying a Mac for 3d purposes like using Rhino, Archicad and similar should be better thinking of buying latest available Intel Macs that will for sure be more stable and better performing.
Any one who uses computers for work has this point as main objective.
I’m only complaining with my self since invested more about 4000 euros in buying a new M1 MBP + new M1 mini cause I was persuaded reading here and there that It was going to work smoothly. But It’s not. Not meeting my expectations.
My fault.

But if someone is in the way of switching, well just think twice.

Marco -

Thank you for your point of view.
Our strong recommendation is that if you need to buy a new Mac today, you should get one that runs on Apple Silicon.

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Some feedback about RH8 and Testmetal.

I’m suffering the very same issue both on a Mac Mini m1 with BigSur 11.6.1 and on he MAcBookPro m1pro.

On both soon after enabling metal I get whole black views. Turning metal off and on again don’t resolve the issue.

my latest understanding is that not all display modes work, i am not sure anymore if that is now due to apple silicon in general, or due to testmetal. which display mode did you use? did you switch while working? and did you actually manage to work at all or is this problem persistent the moment you start rhino?

i am also on the verge of dumping myself into a new m1, still waiting for an updated mac mini but i have doubts either that i will be able to work properly, at leat right now.

It always happens with a building model I’m working on.
While if the working area is pretty simple it does not go black.
But I have to close and reopen RH8 to reset the views

Once in testmetal for what I’ve experienced some display modes are not used even if choosen:

yes ic, i assume that is metal not supporting these since they are, if my memory does not fail me fully based on effects utilising OpenGL.

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