New laptop recommendations

Hi guys, it’s time to let my old Zbook go and I hope you can help me to choose the right replacement. I’ll use it mostly for modelling (Rhino/Blender), adobe stuff and some occasional rendering (Vray).

What I need:

  • screen 15 or 16 inches, can be 1900x1200 or something similar, I don’t need any 4K
  • keyboard with numpad is necessary, I use it all the time.
  • price ideally in range around 1600 EUR

It will be my secondary computer for home office work, occasional business trips, so it won’t be carried every day somewhere. Professional graphic is not necessary, for example new G11 Zbook laptops are bit too much for my needs (also pricewise), some G10 Firefly configuration can make sense maybe…I looked around in the gaming segment as well, but I don´t want to carry around some rgb glowing circus. The new XMG Core m24 looks good to me for example.

So please if you have any tips or recommendations, don’t hesitate to share.

Thanks, Jan

I’m very happy with my Skikk laptop
They have options in all proce ranges, but do get an NVidia graphics card though.

Never heard of Skikk, but it seems it’s the same case as XMG - they source from the same ODM (Thongfang), at first sight the XMG Core/Fusion is the same product as the Skikk Vanaheim/Midgard. At least the chassis is identical. Which model exactly do you have?

I got the Loki 16" with RTX 4070 a couple months back, looks like they don’t have that one with the 4070 anymore, only with 4080 and 4090.