New GFX card from Nvidia "Huge graphics performance, compact size"

Just got a bombastic email from Nvidia about their brand new Quadro P620.

Must be a joke I guess.


"Support for up to four 4K displays " I’m yet to meet a person running 4 windows of MS Word at the same time.

Hi @Jonish,

The “P”, or Pascal, series of Quadro cards from nVidia are quite nice. Several of us here (at McNeel) have them, and they provide excellent performance when used with Rhino 6.

Also, the Quadro line is marketed to those who create “complex 2D and 3D models.” I didn’t see Microsoft Office mentioned in the flyer. :wink:

– Dale

Dale, you’re just not using Word to it’s full potential.


I think you’ll be amazed at how well it will perform. 512 cuda cores are actually quite good too for a budget card like that and you’ll get top notch AA.

Guys thank you,

Do you think it would perform better in Rhino than equally priced GeForce? My workstation has Quadro K1200 and I’m quite disappointed. (My standard model has about 5 000 glass components hanging on wires.)

I found 2 GB memory a joke because all the time I’m reading GPU rendering forums, guys there just fight if 8 GB is enough or you should buy 1080Ti with 11 GB. Even my cheap card at home has 4 GB.

No, it is a slower gpu, it is an entry card after all :slight_smile: and you will run out of vram if you use it for heavy rendering too. It would be fun to stress test one though. In v5 it will probably run as good though.

I am pretty sour on CAD specific cards such as Quadro series. There are several compact GTX and Radeon cards. As someone who does design, why I should have to pay extra for the same die as a gaming card, but with an inferior cooling solution?

My notebook has a Quadro card in it, but do I feel any better than if I had the same Geforce? Not really.

[I feel bad that gaming card prices have climbed so high. In November, my roommate bought me a GTX 1080, which now, six months later–costs $150 more than it did, then. Sigh. The miners : ( ]

I run my 17" 7710 Dell laptop using its 4K display plus 2 external 4K display. So that’s a total of 3 4K displays. This has an older Quadro M5000M, everything runs just fine. I haven’t tried multiple word documents but tiling the whole workspace with Excel windows works great.

Did I understand right

a GTX1080ti is 8 times faster and a GTX285 has the same speed like the P620?

Kind of, the p620 uses the same chip as the GeForce 1050Ti, but it uses only 40W, so it is of course slower!
I would expect a 1080 to be 10x faster on pure individual card spesific feature speed tests, but in Rhino? I don’t know. Historycally the 600 series has allways given impressive results compared to the energy they use and their price compared to other Quadros.

Keep in mind that it is an entry card and comparing it to a top of the line gaming card just isn’t fair. Those are even faster than the fastest Quadro.

In July SimplyRhino in UK ran a series of tests based on a Holomark2 version I made for the Rhino6 WIP and they made a full report that you can download here (if you register first):

There they tested the P400 (Pascal) and that card outperformed a K4000 (Kepler) card in Rhino6.
The “big brother” P4000 (Pascal) was about 5x faster at handling complex models than the P400.
And I expect the P620 to be about twice as fast as the P400.

Have a good read and keep in mind that this is an entry level Pro card. (I can not stress that enough, and that you can not compare gaming scores and expect to see the exact same difference in the Rhino scores)