New feature request - FBX export with skeleton and joints

Some Rhino users need more sophisticated animation program than Bongo. I can export Rhino models in FBX format to sophisticated animation program called iClone, but I have to make the skeleton and joints in iClone because Rhino does not export these features. Making the skeletons and joints outside Rhino is inconvenient and inaccurate, so I would prefer to make them inside Rhino or inside Bongo plugin.

By the way, I paid for Bongo, but I will never use it because Bongo 2 is rudimentary and Bongo 3 will not be finished in my lifetime. The Bongo plugin has always been a disaster, so it would be reasonable to abandon this project and replace it with something that we really need - sophisticated FBX export plugin.

If and when FBX IO of Bongo animation is done it’ll export the parent child relationships Bongo uses. I don’t think this is the same as skeletal rigs which I think you’re referring to. There are also no plans currently to implement that in Bongo.