"never repeat these commands" not stored in exported .ini

is there a specific reason why the “never repeat these commands” list is not stored in the .ini file on OptionsExport?

Hi - I don’t think there’s a reason for that. I’ll get it on the list of things to look at.
Thanks for reporting!

Filed as RH-51411

Just fyi, these are stored in the Settings xml file that is the ‘real’ options…


The problem is there is no UI for selectively importing from this file - but it is a good way to transfer options globally.


thanks a lot for the info!
i´ve been using the .ini since ages and added the “never repeat …” manually.
does the .xml-file really contain all the options (all in the .ini plus others) or do i have to save/restore both to get all my settings?
if the first, why does OptionsExport still save the .ini and not the .xml?

Hi - it looks like it is the former, yes.
From Rhino 6, setting information is saved in the .xml file on the fly so that all running instances of Rhino have updated settings. In Rhino 5 and before, you had to be careful which instance to close last.

I guess at this point, OptionsExport is just a legacy command to provide a way to port or back-up setting information.

Further reading: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-36329

@pascal - I suppose that my new RH-51411 is a sub-set of RH-36329 - I’ll leave it open and add a link from RH-36329. Thanks for the heads-up!

does not sound reasonalble.
so i just made a quite test:

  • started two instances of rhino
  • in the first instance deleted all “never repeat …” commands, this worked immideately after closing the options dialog (as expected)
  • in the other session all "never repeats still worked (i guess this is also the desired result at least for me)
  • closed instance two, then instance one … all “never repeat”-commands gone

i gues this behaviour is natural as long as:

  • rhino works with multiple instances (which i strongly prefer)
  • settings are not changed immidiately in ALL instances. also not desired, i sometimes alter some settings temporarily (axis icon visibility, various colors, …)

i have no problem staying aware which instance to close last, when wanting to keep settings as i am used to it.
please correct me if i am missing something.

A quick test:

  • start 2 instances of Rhino
  • in the first instance, change Rhino Options > Appearance > Colors > Viewport colors > Background


  • the background color of all viewports in the first instance is changed immediately
  • switch to the second session - the color is changed here as well

As I understand it, this is the way this intended to work and should probably work like that for the list of Never repeat commands. @dale - is that correct?

yes, works here, too!
did you also try with the never repeat commands?

Yes, I saw that here as well. I presume that’s a bug but I’ll let Dale comment on that.

This appears to be an oversight, yes.

– Dale

The synchronization issue is added to the list as item RH-51501.