Need to reload when changing transformations of imported .3dm

Dear SD-Team and community,

I’m not sure if this is intended behaviour and if so, how to work around it.

I’m importing/providing a .3dm with “SD Import Geometry”. I want to attach transformations to some of the geometry inside. So I use “Attach Transformations” to achieve this and it works as intended.

Unfortunately every time I change the transformations, the “Attach Transformations” is throwing an error saying: “Solution Exception: Ein Element mit dem gleichen Schlüssel wurde bereits hinzugefügt.”.

After a recompute everything is displayed correctly again.

Actually I found a workaround: When I do a “Mesh join” operation before inputing the transformations it works always and without a recompute. I guess this clears all attributes and that’s why it works? Bit of a pity though… all those nice attributes from the .3dm gone… :wink: Any other way?

Thanks in advance,


This issue has been fixed since version 1.12 of the plugin. Please try to download the latest version and let us know if you still experience issues.