Need help wiring up Brep.CreatePatch in GH C# component

I spent like 6 hours struggling on this today.

I am trying to set up a GH C# component to run the all options patch surface method.

Stuck on the types between what you feed into the GH node and what the rhino common method is expecting… IEnumerable boxing.

I’m absolute novice at C#.

If anyone can throw me a bone I’d really appreciate it.

I understand I need to pull trims from surfaces manually.

honestly what is the point of this post?

You think I worked on this all day and didn’t look at the docs and still asked for help?

If I am being unclear I need to know how to take the collection of curves and points from the GH node and feed them into the rhino common method.

I know I am missing something fundamental. It’s not a casting issue I don’t think.

No reason to be rude, since you dont provided a file or a code snippet , how are you expecting a more specifc answer.

for example

 private void RunScript(List<GeometryBase> geos, ref object A)
   A = Brep.CreatePatch(geos, 10, 10, 0.01);

works fine for me

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Apologies for rudeness.

This is resolved. I needed to turn on list access in GH. Didn’t realize that was a thing. Code was fine.