Need Help Roof pattern

How i can do this pattern on the roofs surfaces using Gh? (11.0 KB)

Untitled1.3dm (891.7 KB)

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what is your question ? It is not clear if you want to make this pattern with Grasshopper or you problem is just apply the pattern.
This pattern if from Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

If you want the logo in curve format, redo it with Rhinoceros or get in in vector format

If you want to apply of a surface, you be to be more specify, the simpliest way will be to apply it as a texture.
If not a texture, what do you want to do ?? Draw something to explain better

Not sure it is what you want
Here with morph

dubai 2020 (293.8 KB)

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Thank you for replay .

Iā€™m just need to apply that pattern on roofs surfaces, then Difference command to make a holes on roofs.

Also possible without deformation

Here a flat deformation, so it doesn follow exactly the roof. But it is up to you
dubai 2020 (301.0 KB)

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So now you have everything to do it.But why using Grasshopper for that ? What are your parameters ?

Thank you sir.

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