Need help in the joinery Script

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Grasshopper, but loving what I’ve learned so far…I am facing a challenge in the development of the grasshopper script of the wooden joinery.
I am developing the script for the basic joinery for the complex geometry. the main joinery is figure Tenon joinery, Teneon, And Moist Joinery, and halved and Laped joinery . Can anyone please guide me in these regards and help me to fix the error in the script? i attached the reference picture and the

halved and lapped joint


the tenon and moist joint

tenon and (40.9 KB)

the Figure tenon joint

jointry (39.7 KB)

I really need help with these script.

Can someone please help me in this regard? PLease …

Did you divide Curve?

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You must internalize the curves


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have and lap joint.3dm (51.6 KB)

I internalize the curves, but it is not still working that’s the whole file and the reference image that I want to achieve nothing is working.

have and lap joint.3dm (51.6 KB)

Idivide it the curves, but it is not still working that’s the whole file and the reference image that I want to achieve nothing is working.

that’s where I stuck

The same with tenon and moist joint I stuck at the same point it not processing further just like the reference image. What should I do?

okay you have the tree leaf good now try to flatten then exploded the tree or maybe split. The tree contains the data

Looking at the files you uploaded:

First thing I noticed is that the output from this Extend Curve component is empty (12 empty branches).

Looking at the inputs to the Extend Curve component Data Viewer:

You have 10 curves at the C (Curve) input.

The T (Type) input is 12 empty branches.

This T (Type) input is expecting integers (values 0, 1, or 2) and you are feeding it the empty P (Points) output from the Brep | Brep component.

If you disconnect the T input to the Extend Curve component, you get 10 curves at the output.

But now you can see the Shatter components are indicating errors. You have the tA and tB (parameter) outputs of the Curve | Curve components feedint the C and t inputs of these components. You will need to supply curves to the C inputs.

Looking a little further downstream in your file, the Pt output of the Construct Point component is not connected to anything. The inputs to the Evaluate Surface component are both connected to the output of the Loft component.

Elsewhere in your file, you are supplying random numbers to the S (Surface) input of an Evaluate Surface component.

To be successful with grasshopper, you need to learn to troubleshoot your files. Start at the beginning (or known error location) and step through the logic and see if your inputs and outputs seem correct at each point. Data Viewer can be useful for doing this (from grasshopper menu View ->Data Viewer…)

Are you following a tutorial? If yes, can you post a link to it.


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@maryam_ali It is much easier for me to start from scratch instead of trying to fix one of your files.

  • 2 different methods in this file:
    • Split and cap.
    • Boolean difference (simpler but can be slow if you have a large number of breps).

All geometry internalised, no need for Rhino (.3dm) file.



This created based on the image, try to make it better (21.3 KB)


thanks for helping me in curve one. need one more help in the d Finger-Tenon joint .
ma and fe koint.3dm (29.2 KB)
jointry (39.7 KB)
the script

the reference image
please help me in this script as well I try all my best but nothing is working,
really need help.
appreciated the time and effort.

Difficult to understand how you are making these complex scripts and seem unable to troubleshoot them.

Where are you getting these images? Are you trying to reproduce a script from looking at a picture of it?

This will make the basic geometry shown in the image from your last post:

jointry (23.6 KB)
(All geometry internalised)

I will leave the cutting of the joints in the ribs to you (the difficult part).

I am pretty sure there are plug-ins to make these sort of waffle structures, but I have never used any of them.


thank so yes I am reproducing the script from old research and fabricating them in a modern way it is like old research but a step in advance way. the images are from the research paper published in 2015. and I produce the script by looking at the picture on the paper. so it is a small but essential part of the research.
i appreciated your help once again.

HI can you take screenshots of what the result of these joint scripts look like? thanks!

hi! can you do a walkthrough tutorial on this one?

Download the script and check it

I tried but all the buttons I click do nothing, newbie to gh

I like to make 3D prints of simple shapes that have external decorations. So I tweaked this script to make it compatible with 3D printing requirements. My first result is this:

This is a 5-sided squircle shape with the results of this script added to it. The script was fairly easy to adapt - even though I don’t understand exactly how the CrvSrf component works. I’ll have to do some reading about that. My thanks to everyone who worked on this.