Need advice make wood section with substance material

I try to simulate wood section with Substance Wood material

This is my try

Need advice to make ring wood in the end of wood section

Attached file Substance wood, please extract zip file to use. (294.6 KB)


The attached material definition has no 3D info embedded - it’s basically just a set of 2D textures and has no concept of how wood is actually made up. I don’t know if some Substance materials are able to hold the info needed for 3D materials (don’t have access to Substance myself), but I know that some procedural materials do. Keyshot has a procedural wood texture (see attached screen grab). Maybe even Rhino’s own wood material does - I’ve never used it, so not sure! Maybe one of the big brains know… @pascal?
What you can do, though, is map the end surfaces to another channel/texture, but that of course requires that you have a set of side- and end grain textures that fit well together.
HTH, Jakob

my thought are, you will want 2 or possibly three materials with different mapping

  1. a planar map for the end grain
  2. a cylinder map with the side grain (or capped cylinder map with end and side grain assigned)
  3. a 2nd cylinder map with the bark texture assigned.

Scott and I just did some poking at this and came up with a pretty easy solution-

slap your material on the object, cylindrical map it so the grain runs correctly down the sides, and then planar map a decal on the end grain- >poof< you have a really easy, super controllable set up.

you can google “end grain images” and get piles of them.

the bark would be a 2nd material cylindrically mapped.

Hi @Normand
I try this material in substance painter, yes it only 2d.
May be I should learn to use Substance Designer
Need advice make wood section with substance mater… - Adobe Support Community - 12233158


Hi @theoutside
I’m looking for procedural material in this case.
Decal only a bitmap, it’s not material. Beside that It’s not easy to match end grain with long grain.
I’m going to find other solution.


For what it is worth, all substance materials in Rhino are converted to a bunch of bitmaps and added to a PBR material by the plug-in before they are shown on screen.

Hi @nathanletwory
Are there anyway to add 2 material in single wood block?
I mean one for long grain and one material for end grain.

Travis yes, see:

Hi @Gijs
I try Use multiple mapping channels.

Can you share more details about apply materials?


After applying multiple mapping channels (currently you only have one) sub select a face and apply a material to it, then sub select another face and apply a different material to that one.
Now make sure the materials are referencing the correct channels. By default a material texture will use channel 1 but you can change this to a different channel.
Does that work?

Hi @Gijs
I’m stuck in step: “By default a material texture will use channel 1 but you can change this to a different channel.”


Can you share more detail?

This method may be alternative solution if I could not find procedural wood material.


Not behind a computer right now, but it should be somewhere in the material texture settings.

For each material you have you need to make sure the textures on it use the correct mapping channel.

Select material, click texture, scroll a bit down to mapping where you can set mapping channel.

If you use the material editor in tree mode you can select multiple textures to edit at once

Hi @nathanletwory
Thank your advice, tree mode very useful when need to change texture channel

As you can see, texture preview in viewport is wrong, however they will show other when I run raytraced

Do you have any suggest? or this is a bug?


Does the rendered mode stay wrong after saving and reopening the file?

I close Rhino/run again

attached file
multi material in one block v2.3dm (9.6 MB)


Just let you know that there are PROCEDURAL WOOD COLLECTION FOR RHINO (by schnurzelpurz)
Procedural Wood Collection for Rhino | Food4Rhino

He did great job. You should try material from schnurzelpurz.


these are quite nice, thanks for sharing!