Neckar Footridge proposal in Heidelberg by SPANS Sterling Presser

A new architectural landmark in the Heidelberg landscape and history

The new cyclist and pedestrian bridge offers more than a supporting structure. It becomes a new vitalizing infrastructure within Heidelberg, creating a new sense of space and brings the coexisting areas into a new context. The 600m infrastructure is a succession of urban situations: parks, side streets, short narrow passages, and wide riverside promenades. The bridge acts as an urban connector and unifier, creating an efficient and smooth connection between places to revitalize.

The bridge is constructed as a monocoque which flows. Its seamless and multifaceted form contributes to the abstraction of the entire design. The main geometry refers to Gothic elements from the Holy Spirit Church creating multiple layers that peel. The ramps form branches created from the main trunk. The bridge becomes a sculpture that reflects its surroundings and is also reflected in the water above the Neckar. It opens a new poetic dimension. The bright rose color is reminisent of the main lights and shadows of the city. The rhythm of the bows swings with the old bridge. Each “infrastructure instrument” plays its own music and follows its own path.

Rhino and Grasshopper were extensively used in the modeling and projection.

Project details

Title: Cyclist and Pedestrian Footbridge Over the Neckar, Heidelberg, Germany
Date: 2019
Client: City Heidelberg, Germany
Architect: SPANS Sterling Presser Team Design lead: Nicolas Sterling / Elke Sterling Presser
Assistant Artemis Koumparelou
Engineer: Adao da Fonseca Engenheiros Consultores Lda
Team: Antonio da Fonseca, Renato Bastos
Landscape: A24 Landschaft
Team: Jan Grimmek, Steffan Robel, Nikos Orfanidis, Joshua Kirk
Rendering: GRAUVISUALS, Ioannis Efstathiou
Stage: Invited competition

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Posted May 24, 2019 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.