Mutiple supply air temperature for one zone

Hi All!
I am working on a project where the cooling supply air temperature needs to change for every timestep while the simulations are running. When I make a list and insert it into the air details component, it creates multiple zones instead of assigning multiple temperatures for one zone. Is there a way to assign multiple supply air temperature for one zone?

Furthermore, I would like the fan efficiency to be a variable of the indoor temperature from the previous timestep. So, for example, if the temperature during the last timestep is 20C, the efficiency is 0.5. Is there a way to do this?

I hope that someone can help me :wink:

Best regards Evelyn (570.0 KB)

Hi Evelyn -
Since your questions are rather specific to Honeybee, I would advise you to post them on the Ladybug Tools forum:

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