Music Video made in Grasshopper

I want to share a music video that I made in Grasshopper. I have used MIDI data from the recorded instruments (i use digital drums and piano) to trigger the events in Grasshopper. The skeleton tracking was done with a kinect and was recorded in brekel body.

Please comment if you would like me to share a go through of the Grasshopper script.

I have also written the song and recorded/produced it my studio.

I really hope you find it enjoyable!


Hi @simonk
Beautiful work, loved the music and the animation, nicely done! Very cool the way the linework responds to the music.
Thanks for posting

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WOW…Superb animation and visuals.

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This is beyond cool! Wow!
Thanks for sharing, that is an awesome inspiration to start the summer with.
Great camera movements too, coherent with the mood of the music. A fun and great piece of artwork, I am truly impressed!

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I would definitely be interested in more about the Grasshopper script as well as more details about the whole production. This work is truly inspiring.