Multipipe not forming clean surfaces

So I am trying to create this form using multipipe, I managed to fix some of the curve intersection where the merge together to form a node, like the following picture.

But some intersections have not been fixed like the following picture. and they create this sausage like look which I don’t want.

also there’s this thorn that comes out which I can’t remove even though I culled out the planar curves which were causing all the thorns previously and successfully removed all of them except for this one and I have no idea.

So I would like to know how to fix these or simply know what the problem is so I can fix it.

Thank you for your time, Kindly find the gh file attached.
Final (15.6 KB)

Hi @goozphraba
See the replies in this thread on the same issue:

oh so somehow the problem is with the multipipe component itself and not my script

As described in that thread, it currently will sometimes not work well for smooth curves which join at a very small angle. If you discretize the curves yourself before input though, to ensure there is room for the node, you can often avoid this.
There was also another issue with your geometry though, where there were some small gaps. Here’s a way of fixing both these issues
Final (21.8 KB)
Topologizer.gha (19 KB)

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thank you so much. this is brilliant. I will try to understand how it works and the new plugin as well.

thanks again

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