Multi threading different options

Hi @stevebaer

I have a question regarding multi threading with hops. For a project I would like to gain some speed in the process. I copied one grasshopper definition in two files. In one file I used three inputs, in the other file I combined the three inputs to one input. The file with the single input runs much fatser then the file with the three inputs.

What could be the reason for this? Memory cash has been put off.

Those are pretty low numbers to begin with. I would suspect the you are seeing the amount if time involved to convert inputs into json for the top component where you broke this into two steps in the lower component. Unfortunately the profiler isn’t able to give you combined totals for the two lower components.

In the first one no GeoJson operation is performed. I used the GeoJson to be able to put dfferent object types (lines, polylines, numbers) into one string in order to be able to test the difference. With this list of 10 lines 35ms is neglectable, but with 200 lines time will become an issue. I will try to make a simple example script to put on the forum.

Funny, now I get the opposite times results.