Moving points in different braches with different distances

Hello everyone,

I have these 6 branches containing points. I want to move each branch using the graph mapper at different distances though. I can do it with exploding the tree and doing it manually for each branch but it is not efficient at all. Is there a way I can do it faster?

Thank you for your time. (10.4 KB)


is this what you are aiming for? (14.6 KB)

EDIT: Sorry, there was no need for duplicating vectors, just plug Y-vector in T of Move component…

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Hello Jakinta,

Thanks for your reply.
The points in each branch should move in different distances not all the same. Some branches should move on the opposite direction.
Something like the image I attach.

Your question is not clear ; you created distances with vectors so all points move with settings which you already created.
Your question about tree or distances and directions?

Hello Seghier,

Each group of points in one branch form one line. In the case of the image is 6 branches of points forming 6 lines.
I want to find the most efficient way to move these points in each branch in different distances, and not all the same as the image indicates, thus creating the lines in blue.

Well, that is completely different task then.
If i got you this might be solution…
note: it deals only with even number of div-points per curve… (19.9 KB)

…or like this…to follow your initial intention with dividing semicircles… (21.2 KB)

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This is exactly what I was looking for :muscle:.
Much appreciated Jakinta.