Moving from old Grasshopper C# to new Grasshopper C#

Hi All,
I am slowly migrating some of my old C# scripts from the old Grasshopper in R7 to the new Grasshopper in R8. Most things go pretty well. On this one, I have an error that I don’t understand. Here’s the GH file with both old and new versions side by side. (9.9 KB)
It’s just a simple thing that helps me keep up with where a particular file is stored. But in the new script I get squiggly lines under the GrasshopperDocument and here’s what the message says.
What am I missing? I can use the debugger and walk thru the program and everything works fine. I try to be good about getting rid of warnings in my code. What do I need here that I didn’t need in the old script component?

Hello. Anybody home?? Why would Script_Instance not contain a definition for GrasshopperDocument?


I just tested this in latest 8.7 and I don’t see the lints (squiggly lines). Would you mind testing that for me?

Thank you. Squiggly lines are gone as well as the warning message.

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