Move grasshopper component from python component using Metahopper

I’m sorry for asking quite much recently.
I’d like to move a value list before adding it to the Grasshopper document using python. This is what I tried already:

    # trying to modify the bounds    
    vl.Attributes.Bounds.Location.X += 100 #vl = ValueList

    #trying to use Metahopper (
    from System.Drawing import Point
    a = ghenv.Component.Attributes.Bounds
    b = Point(a.X, a.Y)
    c = rs.AddPoint([1800,100,100])
    d = [100,100,100]
    ghcomp.MetaHopper.MoveObject(vl, d) # I tried variable a, b, c instead of d too

from System.Drawing import PointF
ghenv.Component.Attributes.Pivot = PointF(p.X, p.Y) (5.3 KB)