Morphing facade panels

Hello everyone.
I am trying to make a script to make the skin of this stadium Qingdao Citizen Fitness Center / Architecture & Engineers of Southeast University | ArchDaily
but I am having problems on the process needed to get this kind of shape.

this is my attempt: (46.7 KB)

the starting idea is to use morphing:
Create 2 separate surfaces, one for the facade and one for the roof. Divide these surfaces into panels and morph the panel over the entire surface.

the characteristic of these openings is the way the panels are arranged. That is, not perpendicularly, but at an angle.

In order to have the curves slanted, I tried moving the junction point of the curves with the seam command. (see photo below) This way you can actually create the section curves (b-curves) and then the surface using both horizontal and section curves with netsurf.

Here the surface.

The problem is that when I subdivide the surface into panels, the section curves (b-curves) do not remain the original ones but are deformed, as if the surface is twisted. The effect can be seen by applying tilt (see photo below).

What I would like is for the panels to be created directly on the original surface. And probably some operation needs to be done but at the moment I have no ideas.
This problem I think is due to the fact that u and v are no longer perpendicular, and the more the angle between the two directions is deformed, the more obvious this is in the deformation.

I thought of morphing because it seemed the easiest method, but surely there are other solutions by modeling the panels directly on the surface or whatever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.