More Assistance Needed! Can someone help me Boolean these objects?

I have been at this for 10+ hours and my mind if fried… can anyone help me Boolean these 2 objects? Also, maybe explain the process how you got them to join and as to why they won’t boolean as they are.

Thanks so much in advance.

HELP.3dm (2.3 MB)

you’ve got mismatched mating surfaces between the two objects. Look in top view straight down you can see things are going all over the place. Run the intersection command and see where its not creating curves.
Boolean is great when it works. But give it something kinda complex like this and you are asking for trouble if things aren’t perfect.
Best workaround might be to remodel the grey object so it has material where are trying to add the red one, then boolean the two together.


The grey object is not a closed solid polysurface. There are several tiny naked edges. However even after I fixed it I could not get your objects to union. I could get them to union after scaling up the red object so it overlapped the grey one. But this not what you want, so I would start over with both. Model them to allow some overlap so you can get them to union. As it is both of them have an unnecessary number of surface patches. That can not be fixed with merge all faces.