Monoceros Problems

Hi everyone,

I’m playing with Monoceros for a couple of days. It seems like an exciting tool. But I stuck at some point that I can not move any further.

The problem is the rule suggestion didn’t work for me so I literally wrote down all the rules (not that hard, it took 5 mins when you realize the main idea) and construct an explicit rule. But the WFC solver couldn’t solve it. The warnings are:
"1. Module “mdl_0” will be excluded from the solution. Connectors not described by any Rule: 2, 3, 4, 5,
“1. There are no Modules with all connectors described by the given Rules.”
I can not move forward yet I feel like I need a little bit tweak to solve it.

Any ideas? (20.5 KB)

I tweaked a little more, here are the files: (19.5 KB)
mono_rules.rar (14.8 KB) (Excel File)

Hi Csozan,

Monoceros comes with an unprecedented documentation which should cover most of Monoceros use cases: Monoceros | User manual

We made sure everything in Monoceros is well documented and informative. The rule suggester won’t work in your case because your Modules don’t have any naked edges. If you look into the Help section of the Suggest Rules from Geometry component it says

Suggest Rules based on naked geometry at connectors. The two Modules described by the generated Rule can be joined or welded. Supports Curves, BReps and Meshes.

In your case you could also use other ways to define the connection Rules - I recommend trying the Explicit Rule from Curve component. It is described in the manual Monoceros | User manual

The reason why your example doesn’t work is exactly what Monoceros reports: some of your Module Connectors are not described by any Rule. It seems like you are completely missing the concept of Indifferent Rules Monoceros | User manual

You are also forgetting to graft and flatten

You are missing the Indifferent Rules for the unused Connectors and the Modules were not connected to the Materialize component

But even when I did all these things, the result doesn’t look like something you’d expect. I suspect the excel spreadsheet to contain some mistakes.


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Thank you so much Janper, I’ll work on it and share the outcome here.


I have successfully concluded the process. Here is the solutions I have gathered.



Hi everyone,
I’m trying to work with Monoceros plugin these days, but I cannot fix this WFC solver error.
Hope you can help me to figure out how it works.

too many slots problem!.gh (59.1 KB)
too many slots problem!.3dm (5.5 MB)


Monoceros supports up to 248 Module Parts. You are having 256, which is way too many.
Reduce the number of your Modules or make sure they consist of less than 248 parts altogether.

For more info please refer to the official Monoceros documentation: Monoceros | User manual


First of all thank you for all the work on this plugin! It has great potential for architecture and equally for level design and It’s fun to wrap your head around it but I’m struggling already with seemingly simple setup:

I would expect to see something like this:

But with an empty modul I get only empty moduls and with out the solver tell me that the world state is contradictory? What did i miss? Solutions should be possible right? Would i need a different setup to achieve something like the gray structure?

I think I have setup everything correctly because when i remove one of the vertical connections I get solutions :

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Hi everyone,
I’ve been working on a project for a couple day now, but I´m stuck… I was just following the YouTube video (【Grasshopper Tutorial】 Pipe Connection using Monoceros - YouTube)
I don’t really understand what I´m doing wrong.
Could someone please help me to understand what I have to do?

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hey, i am also facing the same issue. Pop up box says “1. Solution exception:Unable to load DLL ‘monoceros-wfc-0.2.0.dll’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)”.
if you get the solution kindly help.