Modifying STEP file [move faces]


I imported a Step file into Rhino. It opened perfectly. It even looks made in Rhino.

I have been asked to modify slightly some measurments. Its just to move faces/surfaces few mm down/up

This is what I would like to move (command —> move face)

I am not sure why when I do this the model gets broken. I believe has to do with something related to Block/instances.

I uploaded the file here so, if possible, you can give a look and help me out.


I don’t see an upload in your post… Did you try exploding the block instances? --Mitch

Not sure why the forum system does not let me to upload it…maybe the size.

Yeah, 25Mb is a bit big.

If you use ExplodeBlock and explode the blocks, you will have all separate surfaces. I did a SelAll and Join after that, that resulted in some closed polysurfaces and some open ones. If you hide the closed ones, you will can go in and start seeing what parts correspond and join the rest up.

You can either edit the parts before you join everything - when everything is still all separate surfaces - or by using the solid editing tools after everything is joined. If you do the second, beware, there are fillets on all the edges, so if you move a face, select and move the attached fillets with the face at the same time, otherwise you will get distortions.


Thanks I followed your instructions
Do I need to convert it to block again to send it to the STEP as it was?

No, not at all… Should work fine just exporting normal surfaces/polysurfaces. --Mitch

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