Mobius Geometry

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner to rhino and needed help to join two mobius strips with a thickness.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me?
I can also move it even more into each other if it is necessary.
I added a picture.



Is this what you want to achieve?


If so, that’s one and only object.

Something like that. I have to print it with a 3d-printer and my teachers told me that it has to be one closed surface.

Hi @nessa.gedeon
I you are simply looking to have the two existing geometries as one, you are looking for BooleanUnion - that requires the two to be overlapping solids, which they seem to be.
HTH, Jakob

I tried, but everytime it tells me that it failed. Nothing more.

Hi @nessa.gedeon
Post your file! That makes it a lot easier to trouble shoot - instead of just guessing :grimacing:

Dear @nessa.gedeon as Jakob wrote post your file ?
I think it might be a problem of the möbius-typology. I recommend to do the same for both rings (one after another…)
_srfSeam (move the Seam away from the later connection-Area - red sketch, use Knot-Point - snap for the target for less control points)
_split (use option “isocurve” shrink=yes snap to endpoint of neighbour - surface blue sketch )
depending on the Isocurve - direction and other factors - you might have to do this splitting in a second position (green sketch)
your result of this step should be at least 4 or 8 surfaces.
_join them

do the same for the second ring

now _BooleanUnion should work

good luck -tom