Missing updateSelected() in V3

I’m looking for a function to unselect the object i’ve just selected.
In V2 there is a function updateSelected() but i can’t find such a thing in V3.

Any tips?

V2: api.scene.updateSelected(null,api.scene.getSelected());
V3: ?

Hello @Robin_van_Wijk,

so first of all I just want to mention that the selection feature changed quite a bit since Viewer 2. I just want to make you aware of this. This is our general interactions guide for Viewer 3, it starts out with selection, so if you haven’t seen that, it might be useful for your development.

Regarding your question about deselecting item. I created a small example for you. In this example, whenever a node is selected, in the event listener I set a timeout to deselect it after 5 seconds.

Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer.
I am aware that the feature was changed.

this part did the job. :+1: