Missing summary for RhinoCommon API

There are many mssing summary occur on RhinoCommon API webside.
Having not seen these errors been fixed for a long time.

There are many parts of RhinoCommon that would hopefully be obvious without documentation. For example, the link that you provided is for the Rhino.Display namespace. We could write “A namespace containing display related classes” and I agree that over time we should do this.

Is there a specific class or function that you are struggling with that could use documentation?

I cannot remember where it is.
I have another question, not relevant to this isuss, but it is under Display.

How do I use a “for” loop to iterate from “Top” to “Prespective”?

for(int i=1; i<9; i++)
  var projection = (Rhino.Display.DefinedViewportProjection)i;
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Thank you! Steve