Missing Solidworks Parts

Why are there things missing? All Help is appreciated.

Solidworks 2017 sp 4.1

Tree has sub-assemblies and folders.


Hi Jeremy,

Are you able to share the original files. I’m sure the developers would like to test it to find the cause of the missing parts.


I might be able to whip something up but it is hard to determine what parts will cause this and I am unable to share the shown assembly.

Hi all - SW import did change between V5 and V6 - I’m not sure if the change explains what you’re seeing, or not seeing but because we were getting complaints about gigantic planes turning up in files, we turned off importing reference geometry. It seems that somehow some files contain a lot of this - and not just infinite planes. Tim is looking at it all, he’ll figure out what to do. Meantime, we’d love to see any files that do not work as expected - www.rhino3d.com/upload



:smiley: , DS software is like Python - “Everything is a reference” and you turned off importing reference geometries.

Infinite planar surfaces ( or planes) is a nice thing to have even in rhino. Instead of omitting them from the files why not create a class? This will also solve other issues.