Minimum setup Rhino compute to replace Rhino.exe /runscript option?

Inspired by these scripts I’m trying to run the following in windows command prompt:

for %i in (*.3dm) do Rhino.exe /nosplash /runscript="-RunPythonScript (...\ save exit" "%i"

it works fine, but I’m wondering how much setup will be required and whether it’s worth the effort (as a regular desktop user) just to make the same command run “headlessly”. I think this is what rhino compute provides, but at first glance it’s aimed at servers not desktops?

Could someone please hint me how the above command could be translated into a rhino.compute equivalent?

Hi @Daniel_Krajnik,

How about just using Rhino.Inside CPython?

– Dale

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Thanks, you are right. I will give it a go.

Rhino.Inside series is awesome :slight_smile: