Meters Scale Workspace Making Linetype Wrong When Blocking


I am trying to create a series of objects to be used in layouts which will make our rhino images more presentable during a project. Such as breaklines/ section lines etc.

I am creating these objects in layout space and making them blocks so that all the parts can be moved and positioned easily as well as edited easily (to update references etc).

The problem I have is that when I block a collection of lines/text into an object the linetypes all are made to be the same (solid not broken). However, when I explode the block or edit the block I can see that my line is still drawn correct but just not when viewing the block as a whole. Another thing I have tried is importing the layout from a millimeter scale workspace (where the block looks fine) to a meters scale workspace where it does not. The same problem results.

I wonder if anyone knows a solution? Is there a scaling to the linetypes? if so where is it?

(Above what it is suppose to look like/ does look like in millimeter workspace)

(Below what is actually looks like in meters workspace)

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Hi Ken,

There is a scale to linetypes located in Options…

I’ll try and reproduce what you’re reporting here as well but see if changing the scale helps.

Update: Changing the scale to 1000 in a file using Meters makes the dashed linetype match what it looks like in MM. It looks like linetype scale is only either inches or millimeters so this can be reproduced simply by using linetypes in a model set to meters. Maybe @mary can say if this is working as designed but changing the scale should get you what you need. Let us know if not.

Oh wow thank you so much I will try this now!

Hi Ken,
Thanks for letting us know about this issue.
It would really help to get a model from you.
We can look at the issue and try to figure out a linetype scale that works for you.
Brian is right on about scaling the linetype by the conversion factor.

This is interesting. I wonder if the lines in the block are set to “linetype” by parent, so the linetype of the block reference layer is used.

If you prefer to send me the files or dropbox link directly, my email is

Thanks for your help.
Mary Fugier

Thanks for your reply Mary. It looks like Brian hit the nail on the head but I will upload models for completeness and for future troubleshooters.

V4 - Millimeters workspace - all looks fine
V5- Meters workspace - doest look right unless exploded and not blocked
V5.1 - Meters workspace - looks fine even with blocking because scale of lines has been changed to 1000. V4.3dm (186.0 KB)
V5.3dm (186.6 KB)
V5.1.3dm (186.5 KB)