Mesh Reduction fail

I am trying to reduce this mesh although i keep getting errors. Cant seem to find anything on the forums. I assume its because the mesh is too large, although I don’t see why that would be a problem considering I’m sure people deal with larger ones in rhino. Possibly a grasshopper plugin would help?

Hm - it is a messy thing, it looks like… Check says there are a number of non-manifold edges a lot of self-intersections. Still poking.


yeah, super messy, i used flow along srf with a mesh, and it is just difficult working with it in the state its in. Any luck with it @pascal?

I honestly dont mind a plugin that can just force close it. Would rhino ever introduce something like zbrush dynamesh? or is there a command already like it?

I wouldn’t expect to be able to do anything with this mesh in Rhino. You should probably start with the original mesh, i.e. before you used flow on it. Was that one closed? Were you able to reduce that one?