Mesh plane section


I have a question about the section tool that gives the section of a mesh with a plane. I want to slice a brep (made in rhino) into slices. It works, but I get more points than I expected and I don’t know where they come from. I thought I would only see the control points (so the outer points of each box, but there are some points in between too. Anyone knows where those come from?
Rhino- and grasshopperfile can be found as attachment.

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Fout (10.4 KB)
Verdelingen.3dm (114.2 KB)

If you convert your referenced brep to mesh using Mesh Brep, then as you can see, you’ll probably get a mesh with additional interior edges which are the cause of additional kink points.
Try to use BBX instead…

Fout (22.2 KB)

Or add Simplify Curve

Fout (18.9 KB)