Mesh face aspect ratio method in common?

From what I can tell, although you can select mesh faces by aspect ratio and extract them/collapse them in Rhino7, I can’t find the method for aspect ratio in Rhino common or python. Is this correct? I understand it’s based on Stan’s polygon reduction method and equation 1, but I would have expected it to be available as a method?

Use MeshFaceList.GetFaceAspectRatio.

– Dale

Damn, should have seen this - apologies and thanks!

As a follow-up to this, is there a way to get the object reference or GUID from any Rhino.Geometry that has been accessed first? So for example if I use newmesh.Faces.ExtractFaces(exlist) where exlist is a list of indices to extract, this would return a Rhino.Geometry.Mesh value while I’d need a mesh object or GUID. Sorry, pretty basic question but coercing a rhinoobject doesn’t seem to work.

No. If you have the Rhino object, you can get the geometry. If you just have the geometry, you cannot get the owning Rhino object (i.e. there is no back pointer).

– Dale