Mesh Extrude

Hello Community,

I would like to ask for guidance on how to extrude a mesh surface.

I would like to learn how to extrude the mesh to have a flat back with a variable (slider) thickness as shown below in the sketch.

I’ve looked on the forum and see a few solutions that utilize C# but I’m hoping there is another way that isn’t introducing another scripting language.

The definition attached only includes the internalized mesh since I don’t really know where to start. My first thought was to project the naked edges to a common plane but I’m lost from there.

If anyone would like to share guidance on this, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for the help and to those that share a definition showing a possible solution.

mesh (287.0 KB)

mesh+ plugin has a mesh extrude component

edit: sorry, I didn’t catch the “flat back” detail… this will just extrude your original mesh along a vector

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Thanks for the tip, I will check it out. However, I am looking for something that has a flat back and not a mirror of the mesh face.

This could be one way…

mesh (297.9 KB)

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Interesting! I’m grateful for the learning opportunity this definition provides!
Thank you HS_Kim