Mesh edges sort and preserve direction


Another simple task that I can not figure out. I would like to have a list of mesh edges grouped by face (like in the second screenshot), where naked edges are left out. I did achieve this goal with Sandbox somehow, but unfortunately, the direction of edge lines was not preserved.

You want help from images?

Sorry about that, I thought there might just be something very simple I was missing. I really can not figure it out, so I would be really thankful for the solution.

Here is one unsuccessful attempt:

sort edges and preserve (23.4 KB)

Unify face winding? A good way to check if an edge is naked or not is by comparing its midpoint with the other curves from the mesh. You can cull points and ‘leave one’ to get the pattern.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is not only to find the naked edges though; I would like to have a data structure where all interior edges are represented in groups and naked ones removed. And the real problem for me is with the data structure and not finding the naked edges.

But perhaps, I just can not follow your advice (I am not that advanced gh user).

If you think, you know how to get the result I want, I would really appretiate a definition or more specific instructions.

Will this help?
sort edges and preserve (20.1 KB)

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Yes, perfect, I understand the midpoint thing now. Thank you both!

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