Mesh called back from pickle, not work for rs.projectcurvetomesh

Hello all,

I saved a mesh as a .dat file using pickle and call back to a python component in rhino
however, I found that the rs.projectcurvetomesh function does not accept the mesh file
but when i pass the mesh variable from one py component to another one
it works again.

What is happening?

If the curve/mesh comes as a standalone entity, possibly the curve/mesh should be added to the document.


import scriptcontext as sc
mesh_id = sc.doc.Objects.Add(my_mesh)

Does it help? If not, post a sample, please.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

I see. however, there is no Add method in sc.doc. is that in a different path?

update: I found Add in sc.doc.Objects.Add. and it works so fine

I am quite confused about the meaning of the documents.
in my mind, it seems that guid type is used in ghdoc. It means that I have to change the document to Rhino doc to open the file i call back from the .dat file?

thanks again

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Yes, sorry I wrote it by heart. I edited the original post.

Thanks dude !

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Grasshopper does not have native components for text that is geometry. What is available, are RhinoScript command that edit the Rhino document directly. That’s why you need to switch target.

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I got it. It seems Rhino commands are more primary to use with python, no need to change formats first. But I think it is quite hard to learn :joy:
thanks again for everything :grinning: