MergeAllEdges Problem

Hi there, I have a problem with MergeAllEdges. I have a round surface, which I deformed to give it some texture and would now like to blend-surface it with the tube, but I can’t merge the edges, MerkeAllEdges doesn’t work, and I don’t understand why this ist. Because of the deformations? And how could I fix it?

Thanks in advance for any hints! Jan
Merge-edge-Problem.3dm (2.9 MB)

MergeAllEdges merges edges which have previously been split. It does not merge together the fundamental edges of a NURBS surface. All untrimmed NURBS surfaces have four fundamental edges, though one, two or three edges can have zero length. Your surface is essentially a distorted square.

You could split the edge of the cylinder into four corresponding sections using SplitEdge, and then use BlendSrf four times.

David, thanks a lot! That I didn’t know, very helpful!
Best regards - Jan

David’s, suggestion is a good one.
The other option is to deform a slightly larger square surface, then Trim it using a circle.
The circular edge will be a single curve.

Generally, if you make an untrimmed surface you are better off down process, but this is a good example where a Trimmed surface will probably work better.