Menu_AppendTextItem for GUI Extension



Calling Menu_AppendTextItem(…) automatically adds two items (commit changes, discard changes) with the textbox to the menu. How can I subscribe to events raised by clicking on either of one? I only want to start doing something with the new input of the textbox once the user has commited the change.

By calling Menu_AppendTextItem(…) i can only subscribe to TextBoxChanged, which would lead to automatically parse content every time the user types something (including typos etc.)



Nobody ?

(David Rutten) #4

I saw it, but I was out-of-office for a few days and had to prepare for the trip as well. I now have some time to look into it again. Sorry about the delay.


No worries… for now I worked around it by putting the textbox in a dropdown, and accessing it like that:

        ToolStripTextBox textBox= Menu_AppendTextItem(subMenu.DropDown,
            (obj, e) => { },
        subMenu.DropDown.Items[1].Click += (obj, e) => OK_Click(obj, e, tolerance);
        subMenu.DropDown.Items[2].Click += (obj, e) => Cancel_Click(obj, e, tolerance);

However it seems a bit awkward accessing those list items in that way, i figured that there should have been some overload of the Menu_AppendTextItem methods where one can specify the corresponding event handlers.