Member index not including arc-like curves

Hi, I am trying to fillet the edge of a brep (top surface) but I am struggling with the fact that only “Line-like curve” Edges are included with the Member Index command, excluding all the “arc-like curve” Edges. This will limit the Fillet Edge to include only the “line-like curves” excluding the curved edges:

Naturally, if I manually include the Index of the “arc-like curve” edges then the Fillet Edge will right result:

Member Index - fillet (9.9 KB)

I am certainly doing something wrong, maybe someone could point me what is missing to have the “arc-like curve” included in the “Member index” Index output?
Thank you

You can’t have a set of curves.

Not at my computer so can’t look at your GH file right now.

Use Closest Pointinstead…

Member Index - fillet (13.0 KB)


Thank you all so much for your prompt reply and help. You are great.