Mechanism and elastic deformation

Hello All,

I would like to use Kangaroo for mechanism and elastic deformation together. Since now basic GH has helped me a lot with simple kinematics, but I need to simulate something more “real”.

Here’s an example: two components rotate simultaneously, red lines represent the rigid parts, blue lines the flexible ones; flexible parts slide thanks to a head and a slot, as shown in the 3D.

Assuming the red parts cannot deform, I would like to simulate the blue parts’ deformation along the slot, but particularly after the end of the stroke, when the deformation increases and the blue parts will be pulled toward the centres of rotation.
Simulation.3dm (424.0 KB)

Any suggestions on how to start?
Thank you a lot!

Hi, I am missing something, if the blue part has the radius of rotation why should it deform. Wouldn’t the head slide freely until it reaches the end of the slot? Or are you specifically interested in what happens after head reaches the end of the slot?

Hi, the blues deform just a little along the body, but they bend here (striving to remain offsetted one to the other).

Reason is they rotate around different centers

Anyway, yes, I’m particularly interested in the second step, but all the suggestion are really appreciated.
Thank you.

Possibly you could simulate it in 2D first something like this: (8.7 KB)

You can add red-blue angle goal to simulate some rigidity at the joint.

Then you could find a clever way how to “snap” the head to a sub-range of slot discretized points. Not sure if there is a way how to do it without scripting your own goal :confused: . A hack could be to have spring from head to all the slot points and dynamically adjust the strengths so that one is active at a time…