Mean curve with more than 2 inputs

Is it possible to find the mean curve of 6 input curves? I’m trying to quickly find average of scan data from 6 different scans of the same organic object by intersecting planes every few millimeters along the scans, then have Rhino generate the average curve at each intersection.

Hello - it should be possible to sample all the curves and average the points from each and then make a new curve- do you have an example set of curves?


Not publicly shareable. I was hoping there was a version of Tween command with more inputs that I didn’t know about.

Hi @Joel_Ness,

With a script or Grasshopper solution, you could sample each curve n times. Then for each set of sampled points, calculate the mean point. Then interpolate a curve through the results.

Just an idea…

– Dale

I used Grasshopper to come up with a solution. In future versions of Rhino, perhaps there’s an opportunity to expand the Tween command to include more than 2 input curves?

The idea to find one mean or average curve using more than 2 curves is a valid one, but I’m not sure if it fits in the TweenCurves command. Tween create multiple curves between 2 extremes.
How do you imagine the workflow? If more than 2 curves selected as input, the command will only output exactly one average curve?

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Right, Tween may not be the right place for it, but you’ve got the idea.

@Joel_Ness How do you expect the matching method to be? Same options as TweenCurves command? What about flipping directions of some of the curves, do you select one by one interactively on the screen, or have automatic guess?
Also, can you post a simplified example file of input and expected output?