MD Slider exact value?

I am having some problems with the md slider… As you can see I have set the slider to 0.5 ; 0.0 but I am not getting the exact value of 0.5!md%20slider%20value
What am I doing wrong?
Any help is much appreciated!

You might try re-sizing the MD Slider? Make it much bigger so dragging will be more precise. Or replace it with a conventional slider where you can enter specific values.

I tried that and had it as long as my screen but I cant get exact 0.5 still, 0.50036 is close but not close enough since I use it on some crv´s and I going to join them later on… And its crv´s on a bent srf´s so its hard to use regular sliders…

It’s due to rounding errors probably. UI coordinates are less accurate than regular numbers. The MD slider isn’t a very well designed object, and I sort of gave up on it halfway through. Just use two sliders, or use a point+gumball if you need exact values.

Okey will try that…
The section with the md sliders looks like this

That would be this?

alt_MD_slider_2019Jul13a (8.3 KB)

Joseph, yes of course! I become so blind for the simple obvious solution. Thank you so much!!