Maxwell Render, is it dead?

I have a Maxwell 4 license (node-locked) + 10 render nodes for sale if anyone is interested.

they cancelled all my licenses and nodes without preliminary notice, after a long silence.
They’re already dead for me.

I am using Maxwell as plugin in Rhino 6. I did have a lots of problem making it work at the begining but with help from Next Limit we made it work.
The interface has changed a lot since the Rhino 5 so I had to re-learn a lots of things, also there are still some bugs. Otherwise, it still gives great results and yes, slow!

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Yes, and a third release of the Maxwell 5 Rhino plugin has just been made available.

For me it works fine till now. A big step forward is the better integration with Rhino materials.

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They were always helpful when I had to contact them. Have you tried to get in contact?

No. when I discovered that, I lost any interest in them and their product.
I’d been a contributor. They published some of my renderings in their own publications and on the manual I’d been very active on MXWL, and I loved it.
But I don’t consider them any longer. Dead man walking for me.

Yesterday I tried the new version for mac

They have now integrated their material editor into Rhino. If you create emitters for example you don’t have no longer to create mxm materials but can change the properties directly in the rhino dialogue. This is another step ahead and helps my workflow.

I knew I made a mistake buying Maxwell. I’ll check if they voided my licenses too. If so, I’ll add the people behind Maxwell to the “you’re dead to me” list. There’s no coming back from that in my book. Unlucky for them, I’m really active online and just LOVE to rant online. RIP.

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