Materials in blocks behave strangely

I have another problem with the materials. I can’t rotate blocks with WKS Quader style materials anymore. I have to explode the blocks so that the materials are displayed correctly. Here are two examples:

Does anyone have an idea?

You’ll want to add an OCS frame. That will ensure WCS textures stick to the object even when you rotate it.

The material what is behaving like that is an WCS/OCS box style material.

Hmm, I realize now that this is of course with Raytraced.

There is currently a bug report on my list that has to do with OCS frames and textures. With some orientations the mapping gives the results you see. It has been a problem since the OCS frame got introduced, unfortunately.

RH-66048 Texture mapping: OCS frame is broken in Cycles

I’ve added this thread to the bug report.

thanks :+1: