Materials Embedded problems

Hi all . In this video you can see what happens. i have 2 files in my desktop : boh.3dm and mah.3dm with embedded folders. One file with just a sphere and one with a cube .I import one in the other and Rhino puts all the materials of the imported file in the desktop. Is it a bug?

Can you please provide the files you use in your video, @gianfranco74 ?

for sure, here the two files :slight_smile: (16.5 MB) (6.7 MB)

Thanks, logged as RH-81534 Importing 3dm file extracts embedded files to parent 3dm folder

Fixing this now. Just to be clear, the correct behavior is that the mah.3dm embedded files will actually end up in boh/embedded_files - because once the import has taken place, the content is now actually in boh.3dm.

If you want the files to be unpacked into moh/embedded_files, just open moh.3dm…although this won’t actually cause the folder to be created after you’ve done the import because the files will be found just fine.

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