MatchMeshEdge.rar (172.3 KB)
I can’t find a c++ sdk function correspand to MatchMeshEdge command ,So I Write this function Using
RunScript.But MyMatchMeshEdge Command will fail.
attachment have the test 3dm file and my test plugin codes.
please help me to see what worng of my codes,thanks

There isn’t anything in the SDK that provides this functionality. I’ve added this to the wish list.

The command is scriptable. Here is a command line macro that help. Note, the GUIDs are just an example…

_SelId 5381c6cb-f848-4659-aa13-a86f4e311393
_SelId 7e0fca49-2cbb-4e42-a59e-26c5e5b096c7
_MatchMeshEdge _Enter _DistanceToAdjust=0.1 _RatchetMode=_On _Enter

I use the line macro like your provided,and runscript also return false.

my attachement has a test 3dm file and a test plugin codes file ,can you see what problem of my plugin codes ,or just give me a whole test plugin your writed?

I know what the problem happen after my test
if I chang " _DistanceToAdjust=0.1 " to “0.1” will work fine

if I chang " _DistanceToAdjust=0.1 " to " _DistanceToAdjust 0.1" will also work fine