Match lists (cull list) from curve to surface

Hi everyone,

I have some building curves I want to extrude by their height, but before I do that I need to create surfaces so I can create the right extrusion for curves within curves (e.g. building with garden in the middle). I’m trying to boundary surface the curves and that gives me the desired results for the surface however I’m not sure how to cull the original list so I can get rid of the corresponding curves that were removed from the boundary surfaces.



Try to associate the edges from the surfaces (1 or 2 closed curves depending on the case) to your original curves by distance.
This will also ensure the order of curves/surfaces match (not guaranteed with Boundary Surfaces).
Then if you only need one curve, keep the biggest one ? (9.7 KB)

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Hi @Rivindu_Bandara

Similar but different approach.

point in (7.5 KB)

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Hi @magicteddy

I don’t think both your solution or @Erik_Beeren solution provide me the exact output I’m looking for, I just did it on set of curves and I still get the capped buildings for areas that shouldn’t be capped.
image (150.0 KB)


Next time upload your gh file when you ask. Without the file, people have to guess.
If you like to solve the red parts, fix the base curves.

BordersToCurves Edited (148.7 KB)

Like this one, they are overlapping.

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