Martell - Drink cabinet

Here is a job I did four years ago (this is a photo of the prototype I made)

Rhino was especially useful in researching the fit of different parts.

My constraint was to be able to manufacture the cabinet with a minimum of parts to build and a maximum of standard components to buy.

So it was a real headache that consisted of downloading the 3D models from the manufacturers, testing and starting over until the right compromise was found.

Rhino also allowed me to quickly create images for an assembly document transmitted during production of the series.



And here’s a video of the prototype to promote it.


Very fine work, I love it. Fit and finish seem to be top notch. Did this go into production?
What kind of equipment did you need to use to manufacture the prototype?

Yes, if you come to France, in the city of Cognac, you can have a tasting around this cabinet.

Many. Laser cutting, waterjet cutting, carpentry workshop, there is also some electronics for the lights.
If the question is “Can I do this for my house?” The answer is “complicate” :slight_smile:


Awesome work! Hope they provided free (full) cognac bottle samples to work with.

modéliser,fabriquer et assembler !!!

tu es un génie.
le concepte es trop stylé .
si j’ai besoin de monter un atelier comme le tiens , je ne m’hésiterais pas à demmander tes conseils sur les outils Appropriés a cet effet

Essential : )

Salut @fares, Avec plaisir si je peut aider, les forums sont utiles pour cela;)

But the concept is not really mine. At the beginning the client sent me this:


Gorgeous work! excellent fit and finish and trim work, the light ring was a treat!

Thanks Gustavo!
Yes, I was satisfied with the finishes (still today), although I would like to know what condition they are four years later.

Fantastic !